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Paj Zine.

what you should bring on a hike.

adventure essentials and suggestions...


  • water. this is number one thing!!! have more than enough for yourself. if you are bringing a dog with you on your hike, bring more than enough for them too!

  • a good adventure backpack. something sturdy. this is easy to think you don't need, but a good hiking backpack is essential. i have been on one too many hikes without the proper backpack, and my entire body suffered. the hikes were harder, almost felt impossible, and my body was abnormally sore for days after. carrying water and food and gear on a hike is actually pretty easy since i got a good backpack. i got mine from rei, and it's amazing. it's changed my hiking experience completely.

^ me and my hiking backpack ^

  • the right shoes. having the right shoes is so important! i recommend barefoot hiking shoes. these shoes allow your toes to spread, they don't squeeze your feet or your toes, they fit perfectly as if you were barefoot with shoes, they are thin enough to be able to ground into the earth but thick enough to protect your feet. here is a link to my favorite brand:

^ me and my adventure shoes ^

  • food. bring real food. real snacks: fresh fruit, fresh veggies, nuts, seedtters... if you’re going on an intense hike, or just one that lasts for a couple of hours, you should bring a meal. i always bring a meal, regardless of how long i think i will be hiking, just because i know myself and i am always hungry. i also tend to hike for longer than i planned. salads are great. you can add rice or even some pasta to make it a heartier salad. and they feel so good to eat on the trail. sandwiches are also dope. with veggies of course and some good healthy bread. smoothies are another fire option. you can fit a lot of good nutrients into one of those bad boys. even some protein. perfect for a hike. just grab an insulated bottle that is designed to keep things cold, and you're good to go.

  • layers. dress in layers. bring extra layers. this is important! the change in temperature while hiking, wether that's through a forest or through the mountains, is insaaane. you should be able to strip down when it's hot and layer up when it's cold. i love wearing spandex shorts on my hikes because i can slip sweatpants over them if i get cold. easy transition. i always have a sweatshirt in my bag for when i get cold, and the option of wearing just my sports bra when i'm hot. also- when i am on a hike that i know gets particularly cold at points, like say a waterfall or the beach, i will bring an extra layer to put over my sweatshirt, like a flannel jacket. always better to have than to not.

  • first aid kit. this should stay in your hiking bag at all times. always better to have it than to not!!!

  • sunscreen. protect your beautiful skin. keep some in your bag.

  • chapstick. !!!!! a need in every season. keep some in your bag because it's a sad day when you forget it.


  • hand sanitizer. you never know when you’ll need it, and it’s always good to have it when you want it. make sure to keep it where it won't leak. i keep mine in the side pocket that's outside of my backpack just in case.

  • sunglasses. whenever i don’t have them on a hike, i want them. especially in those mountains!!! the sun be BEAMING.

  • travel yoga mat. nothing like getting a good flow in during a hike. one of my favorite things to do. and travel yoga mats are so light and easy to fold so they take up very little space in a backpack.

^ a flow by the fall curtesy of my travel yoga mat. ^

the ground would have been too wet for me to get down and really flow flow without it.

  • epipen for those with serious allergies that could be triggered on the hike. for example, i am allergic to bee stings so i always bring my epipen on adventures.

  • extra pair of socks. sometimes we have to cross a stream. sometimes we want to walk through a stream. extra socks are always a good idea.

  • towel if your hike involves a waterfall or a body of water that may call out to us. sometimes the call is too loud to ignore. and we end up at the bottom of the fall or in the ocean. (:

  • a hiking buddy. hiking alone is fire and necessary. hiking with a buddy is safe, especially on super intense hikes.

^ my favorite hiking buddy. paws down. ^

happy trails.

happy hiking.

happy adventuring.

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