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the magic of 2.22.22

this can also be written as 02.22.2022. 5 consecutive 2's the first way, 6 2's the second way. either way, we are filled with the magic number 2 and the magic number 22. In numerology, repeated numbers are known as master numbers. master numbers hold incredibly strong energy and are seen as energy portals because of their massive energetic vibration. magical 222 energy is like a portal to channel all the love, hope, balance, and harmony that you can: For yourself first, and then for others. When we see repeated numbers like this in life, it's often a sign from the Universe letting us know that we are on the right path. a path towards something great and more meaningful.

02.22.2022 is related to awakenings, insights, and revelations towards a higher state of mind. the 2's are here to help us learn to cooperate and work together as a pair, a group, a community, and a planet, and reestablish harmony and balance. yoking people and ideas through the powers of our highest self. those who are ready to respond to the call, hold an important mission to help bring peace and harmony. start within yourself first.

2.22.22 is considered a palindromic number, which means it can be written and read the same backward or forward. this starts to take us on the harmony route, because we are forced to look at both sides of things, and find balance in between. it also reminds us that every outcome, every decision, everything, has an opposite. the key to harmony is to bring balance to the opposing forces.

in astrology, the number 2 symbolizes unions. this can be the union of 2 people coming together or the yoking of 2 ideas. 2 is strongly associated with collaboration. in numerology, the number 2 symbolizes connection, relationships, harmony, and duality. this applies to intimate relationships, business partnerships, friendships, and of course: greater connection with your higher self and with the universe (((as they are one))). the number 2 is also associated with the high priestess tarot card. she is the guardian of mystical knowledge attained through intuition and she fully understands the power in polarity or opposites.

the key lessons when the number 2 is present are generally centered around compromise, acceptance, compassion, cooperation, peace, balance, and harmony. when the 2's are consecutive, the energy is super-charged. there is a strong call to approach life with more compassion, to seek balance, to work cooperatively with others, to seek partnership when you can and when it feels right, and strive for harmony. today is reminding us that no matter what happens in our world, we are in a time of cooperation, compassion, duality and harmony, if we so choose to be. this is a time to remember we are co-creators here on earth. we are not meant to do life alone. we are meant to build relationships and meaningful connections, both with others and with our higher selves. and we are meant to co-create from this place of deeper connection.

Trust. Let Go. Connect.

the number 22. the energy carried in the number 22 is intuition, expansion, harmony, and a (neon flashing) message from the universe that you are on the right path in your life. you are fulfilling your purpose and you are manifesting your dreams. now is the time to trust the universe. trust that you are meant to be right here right now. trust in signs that you see such as repeated 2's and repeated 22's. trust in relationships and connections that feel connected to your soul's desire. and above all, TRUST YOURSELF. this is a time to truly step into your own power. follow your own inner guidance. remember who you are and what your purpose is. let go of how you think you should be acting or what you think you should be doing, and move from a place deep within your own soul. connect. with yourSELF. with others. co-create with the energy from the universe. co-create with others. and know that there is a higher purpose for all connections and all encounters.


today is also the date of the united state's pluto return!!!

pluto's astrological position returns to the united states. the same position in a birth chart that it was when the chart began. this return takes place every 248 years. pluto will be in the same place it was on July 4, 1776.

pluto symbolizes transformation and renewal. this is to bring about metamorphic change in the country’s astrological history. pluto forces us to dive into the deepest, and somtimes not so notable, parts of ourselves. and since pluto is making a return to the united states, the entire country is going to dive deep within. deeper than we have been going. america’s pluto return technically started november 26, 2008, when pluto entered capricorn... and i'm just going to point to the non coincidental fact that barack obama was elected president around the same time (november 2008). all of the strives we have made as a country to come together and create peace and harmony... no coincidence.

pluto’s return is occurring in earth sign capricorn, which leads me to believe that there will continue to be a great awakening as far as how we have been treating the earth... yay.

this is not a coincidence that it is happening on 2.22.22. it was literally written in the stars. today is all about connecting with our higher selves and coming together as one. the pluto return makes this extra super duper mega charged.

pluto returns don’t happen for people since they can only occur once every 248 years, so we go through this transformation together, as a country. a pluto return is a change that happens on a public rather than an individual level. expect major shifts in america since pluto is the great revealer, ready to unravel what has been secretly hidden under the surface for far too long.

the main way to harness the powers of today is to be open to all the possibilities, and keep listening for guidance. here are some rituals or THINGS you can do today to harness the magic...

*if you can get outside to do any or all of these, bonus points will be deposited into your soul.*

1. magical meditation:

  • light your candles. light your incense. pull out your crystals.

  • settle in for a 22 minute meditation. simply focus on your breath.

2. grab your journal and:

  • free write. freely write for 22 minutes. don't stop. don't have an intention. just write whatever comes to mind for 22 minutes.

  • write down what you want to release. burn this. release this. this is a new cycle baby.

  • write down all of your goals and manifestations. yes all of them. even if you've done this recently. today is a magical day and your words are a WAND. write down what you want baby! when you are finished, i recommend writing, "and so it is..."

3. a magical MANIFESTATION meditation:

  • so now that you have your goals and manifestations written down, this meditation you will focus on those goals and manifestations. see the journey, the work you will do. and see them coming to fruition.

  • 22 minutes of course.

4. connect with others.

  • friends

  • family

  • intimate partners

  • business partners

  • anyone that your soul is calling for <333

  • mama EARTH. nature.

  • LA LUNA. she's in scorpio today.



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