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Paj Zine.

solar-power, power.

a glimpse into how solar power is changing <everything>

{the sun}

we love

we need

without, we would no longer be


the sun. our energy source. the reason we are alive.

the sun is as vital to the earth and its inhabitants as breath is to the earth's inhabitants.

a person standing in the sun. a person and the sun. a boy in the sun. a beautiful person and the sunshine. the sun is shining bright. the sky is very blue. photo by paj. trippy summer lives forever. sun. sunshine. blue skies. trippy days. solar power photos. solar power. solar power life.
image by paj

the sun be shining everyday.

gifting us (humans of earth) unlimited, clean, free fuel.

it’s a renewables revolution!

and it’s powered by solar photovoltaics.

photovoltaics are a means of energy harvesting.

silicon panels harvest the photons streaming from the sun to the earth.

photons energize electrons and create an electrical current.

<solar power>

a healthy way to get power for both us earth beings and mama earth herself.

reducing carbon emissions, reducing drilling into and extracting from the earth!, reducing the use of coal & natural gas!, and so much more.

“the international renewable energy agency already credits 220 million to 330 million tons of annual carbon dioxide savings to solar photovoltaics, and they are less than 2 percent of the global electricity mix at present.” -the drawdown, page 9

in the 1950’s photovoltaics were very expensive and therefore almost impossible to acquire.

so they were used in satellites in space at the time.

here’s something "funny" though…

“the first major purchaser of solar cells for use on earth was the oil industry,

which needed a distributed energy source for its rigs and extraction operations…”

-the drawdown, page 9

lmaooo. ))); </3


the price has dropped since then and continues to drop.

tsola have also been key iding power in places whereehese days.

it's beautiful, really.

it is actually predicted to soon become to least expensive energy source in the world!


rooftop solar

these are small-scale photovoltaic systems, typically installed on rooftops.

the first popped up in NYC in 1884.

“experimentalist charles fritts installed it after discovering that a thin layer of selenium on a metal plate could produce a current of electricity when exposed to light.”

-the drawdown, page 10

gnarly. but no one truly understood how it actually worked until the early twentieth century when scientific breakthroughs lit the path. albert einstein’s published works on (what are now called) photons was amongst the brightest light on the path.

rooftop solar panels save the earth and you.

electricity is generated without emitting harmful greenhouse gasses or damaging air pollutants.

keeping you and mama earth healthy and safe.

and you’re getting your energy from <the source>.

lit litty lit.

and as more people use solar power, rooftop solar panels will continue to drop in price.

and in some places, it is actually already cheaper than getting your electricity from the grid! they don’t want us to know that though.

solar panels have also been key in providing power in places where

homies lack access to the grid- which is a lot of homies.

“solar systems eliminate the need for large-scale, centralized power grids.”

-the drawdown, page 11.

this could move places out of poverty by creating jobs & literally <energizing> communities.

in bangladesh, 3.6 million home solar systems have been installed and from this, 115,000 jobs have been directly generated and 50,000 indirectly generated. yes!

solar farms

sunshine farms

solar farms are a large installation of solar panels (hundreds to sometimes millions) that generate electricity in the tens or hundreds of megawatts.

it is quite literally a sunshine farm where energy is harvested.

the first one was up and popping in the early 1980’s and now they are popping up everywhere.

if you’ve ever traveled on a traveler’s highway like i-70 or i40 you might have seen some.

these farms reduce carbon emissions that coal plants emit by 94%,

and they completelyyy eliminate emissions of sulfur & nitrous oxides, mercury, and particulates.

solar farm.

and here’s something lit:

“constructing a solar farm is also getting cheaper, and it is faster

than creating a new coal, natural gas, or nuclear plant.”

-the drawdown, page 9

littt. (: <3


solar power isn’t the cure to the earth’s problems but it is definitely helping to solve them.

i like to think of solar power and it’s complementary renewables as the earth avengers.

things like wind power, geothermal, and the list goes on. all of these free & renewable energy sources are truly banding together to save mama earth and her inhabitants.

there is a lot of push back on this “use of the sun” lol.

people tapping into a free, unlimited, free resource is not something that… everyone wants. ha.

it’s a renewables revolution and it has begun.

we gotta bring our aligned chakras to the battlefield.

by tapping into this information, you’ve already begun.

solar, power.


***sources that helped me write this article:

the drawdown; edited by paul hawken. (pages 8-11.)

mystery school.


{the sun}

we love

we need

without, we would no longer be

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