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level up your adventuring with the AllTrails app.

yoo. ok. so if you adventure, i recommend getting the all trails app.

it’s an app that has over 200,000 trail maps in all different countries and regions.

you can search & navigate trails wherever you are.

^ dis what the app looks like ^

you can search by location, difficulty, rating, etc…

you can search by your activity… hiking, mountain biking, trail running, etc…

you can search for an attraction such as a waterfall, hot springs, forest, etc…

you can even search for a great view.

you can filter by dog friendly, kid friendly, wheelchair friendly, etc…

and, if you’re like me and want to find hikes that no one is on,

you can search for trails that are lightly trafficked. yum.

^ i found this waterfall hike through AllTrails ^

AllTrails is super dope. you can start on a trail and go off trail while tracking your hike. this is super dope because you will know where you are, so you can be sure you’ll get back to where you came from. as long as your phone has battery :p i’ve gone off trail so deeply that i was like “oh shit, i have no idea where i am” before i had all trails. exploring off trail feels a lot better (and safer) with the app. you can always turn on the navigation at the beginning of your exploration, and once the sun starts going down or you have to get back to civilization, take out your phone and see what’s poppin’ with your location. one of the coolest parts about tracking your off trail excursion is that since all trails has so many trails mapped out you might stumble upon actual trails that you didn’t know existed. this happens to me sooo often. and then i have a new trail to hike! i wouldn’t know it without AllTrails tracking my hike and letting me know where i am and what’s around me.

^ we found this cave one day while exploring off trail. so fucking cool. ^

when you download the app, you can create an account. this lets you save all the hikes or adventures you’ve completed, find friends and share activities, rate the trails, leave reviews, etc. people leave reviews and share photos of the trails after they complete them. i find these to be some of the most helpful parts of the app. the reviews are great because people are so honest. they will let you know if the trail is kept up or overgrown. they will let you know if there are bugs. they will let you know if the trail is really as difficult as it says it is. and they will def let you know if they enjoyed it. they also share photos that they took along the way, and i’m a big visual learner so i always go straight for these to really get a feel of the hike.

^ a very yummy, no cell service kinda hike i found through the app ^

you can pay for AllTrails or you can stick with the free version. if you pay, you will be able to download hikes to make sure you can navigate them even when you’re out of cell range. you can also do some other cool shit too- like having off-route notifications, being extra safe with Lifeline, and many more dope things. if you stick with the free version, you won’t be able to download the hikes, but you will be able to navigate the trails once you’re out of cell range. there are just some steps that you have to take to make sure you’ll be able to navigate these trails once you lose cell service.

tips to making sure the free version of AllTrails works for your adventures:

  1. open up the trail you want to navigate before you leave your house! or wherever you’re coming from lol

  2. select “navigate”

  3. select your activity (hiking, biking, etc)

  4. keep this open just like this!!! that way when you get to the hike in the middle of nowhere, it is open and ready to go. if you don’t have this open by the time you get out of cell range, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to start the navigation and you’ll have to drive back down the mountain until you get some bars. i speak from personal experience tehe. *you can still use your maps and your music app for on the way to the hike without it messing up.*

happy adventuring!!!

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