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Paj Zine.

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cannabis 101.

a gentle introduction to the magic that is cannabis.

what is cannabis?

cannabis refers to the plant itself. more specifically, cannabis is the genus of the plant that marijuana and hemp derive from. over the course of time, people have used cannabis as food and medicine. they have also used cannabis, in it's many forms, to create clothing, textiles, rope, and more.

what is marijuana?

marijuana is referring to the dried leaves and flowers and are harvested and used for medicinal and recreational purposes... aka, this is what people be smoking. and eating. etc.

you'll hear people interchange these words and meanings and that's all grooovy.

cannabis sativa

- stimulates the mind and senses

- improves focus and concentration

- increases energy

- uplifts mood

cannabis indica

- relaxes mind and body

- relieves pain

- stimulates appetite

- reduces anxiety

*it is important to note that most plants today are hybrids of both sativa and indica, because growers are crossbreeding plants to produce higher levels of thc.

there are over 500 chemicals in the cannabis plant that can be isolated, and we can divide these chemicals into 2 subgroups:

1. non-cannabinoids: not unique to the cannabis plant, hence why they are called "non-cannabinoids"

2. cannabinoids: unique to the cannabis plant


  • terpenes: responsible for the smell and aroma of the cannabis plant. there are over 100 different types of terpenes that have been identified within cannabis, and that is why we have so many distinct flavors. these distinct flavors can have specific affects for the cannabis user.

  • flavonoids: in flowers and food as well. they are responsible for the pigment, or the color that we see in the cannabis plant.

cannabinoids: there are over 100 different types of cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, but there are 2 that have been associated with the medicinal and recreational effects that you think of when you think of cannabis and marijuana.

1. thc (tetrahydrocannabinol):

  • the cannabis plants' primary psychoactive ingredient

  • this is what produces that high effect

2. cbd (cannabidiol):

  • the therapeutic part of the cannabis plant

  • psychoactive and can alter mental state, but does not get you high

just a gentle introduction to the magic plant. enjoy love.

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