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Paj Zine.

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a note on self love.

place one hand on your heart, and one hand on your belly.

feel your heart beat.

feel the rise and fall of your breath inside your belly.

you are here.

and you are here for a reason.

you were chosen to be right here, right now.

the universe would be lost without you.

the universe smiles when you smile.

the universe shines when you shine.

take a deep breath, and imagine your love flowing through your veins.

your love moving your belly up and down.

your love responsible for the very beating of your heart.

YOUR LOVE responsible for the BREATH of the universe.

YOUR LOVE responsible for the beating heart of the universe.

you are so important here.

and no one will ever be able to love you the way you can.

so wrap your arms around yourself,

and love yourself with all your might.

you're the only one who can really do it right.


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