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Paj Zine.

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a gentle introduction to the chakras.

what is a chakra?

a metaphysical energy center in the body that is responsible for all levels of our existence.

the 7 main in-body chakras:

  1. muladhara; root chakra

  2. svadhisthana; sacral chakra

  3. mainpura; solar plexus chakra

  4. anahata; heart chakra

  5. vishuddha; throat chakra

  6. ajna; third eye chakra

  7. sahasrara; crown chakra

the root chakra

represents our foundation. the root of our being.

  • color associated: red

  • physical location: base of spine, pelvic floor

  • responsible for: basic survival needs (food, shelter, money), safety, security, worthiness, and a sense of belonging on this planet

the sacral chakra

tap into your unlimited creative power. this is your passion and pleasure center.

  • color associated: orange

  • physical location: lower abdomen, base of the pelvis around the genital area, just below the naval.

  • responsible for: creativity, feeling, emotion, pleasure, sensuality, intimacy, connection, and sexuality.

the solar plexus

tap into your personal power.

  • color associated: yellow

  • physical location: our naval center, stomach

  • responsible for: personal power, mental activity, self-esteem, will power

the heart chakra

move love throughout your body and your life.

  • color associated: green

  • physical location: heart

  • responsible for: love (of self and others), relationships, ability to relate and bond with others and the divine, source of deep and profound truths that cannot be expressed in words

the throat chakra

find your voice and speak your truth.

  • color associated: blue

  • physical location: throat

  • responsible for: communication, expression of ideas and feelings, sharing one's truth

the third eye

transform your individual consciousness and transcend reality.

  • color associated: indigo

  • physical location: forehead, in between the eyes

  • responsible for: our ability to see what's really good (both inner and outer worlds), our perception, our intuition, our imagination, spiritual contemplation

the crown chakra

our highest, purest, most superhuman self.

  • color associated: violet

  • physical location: top of head

  • responsible for: awareness, spirituality, understanding, opens the door to pure consciousness

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