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raw, organic, sprouted vibrations.

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create from the soul, heal the soul, heal the planet.

  Paj is:   an artist, a yogi, a yoga teacher, a creator, an adventurer, a writer, a designer, a photographer, a wellness warrior, a clothing designer, a model, a tie dye professional,

a vibe generator, a cannabis enthusiast, a mushroom maniac,

a rainbow chaser, and an earth enthusiast.

 PAJ is: 

 a space to explore your mind 

 a space to explore the world 

 a space to shift perspective 

 a space to raise the consciousness 


 a space to learn 

 a space to grow 

 a space to create 

 a space to heal 

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  the first project for paj MISSIONS has been activated!  

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cool new articles in the zine

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cool new things in the store

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get outside.


PAJ mailing list.

welcome to the land of PAJ.

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